Why use RCA for your training?

Our aim is to take training components that are typically seen as a burden, and make them interesting and relevant.

The RCA difference...

  • You will receive a personal visit from one of our representatives to discuss both your immediate and ongoing training needs.
  • We will collect information about areas of interest and preferred education methods directly from your representatives.
  • We are always enthusiastic about developing new modules, so if you have a topic of interest to your firm we will be happy to tailor your package to include it.
  • We take the guess work out of ongoing compliance and CE training by assisting you in determining appropriate training packages.
  • We specialise in CE and compliance training so our material is constantly being up dated and you can use our services on a rolling basis without tedium and repetition.
  • Our trainers are committed to developing understanding not just meeting compliance requirements.
  • We have full flexibility in the timing and mode of delivery of our modules.
  • Because you work directly with our training officers you can customise your package as much or as little as you like.
  • Our products are competitively priced without sacrificing quality, professionalism and our trademark personal touch.


 How we deliver our services...

Here at RCA we understand the variability of work demands in these tough economic times. So we make it our mission to work around your firm’s time restrictions and workloads without sacrificing the educational experience. As such, we have a number of options for delivery of your training package to make the time your representatives spend on the education as efficient as possible.

Initial Presentation 

We usually encourage our clients to have us deliver the first group module in a face-to-face format.

We believe it is important to build a repour with your representatives so that they feel comfortable to raise issues and ask questions of their trainer throughout the course of their modules.

The point is that your representatives get to know the trainer that is driving their online learning material.

 Notes and summaries 

We provide easy to follow, note friendly, written summaries to accompany all of our modules.

These can be used to either give more detail around a presentation or as a wrap up for participants to follow as they work through the presentations.

They also cater for more independent learners.

Audio-Visual presentations 

The bulk of the training modules we deliver are done in video presentations. This gives your representatives the flexibility to watch the content when and where they have time. Video presentations are the next best thing to a personal face-to-face presentation.

      Studies on learning and education show that:

      65% of the population respond most effectively to visual learning. Our video content is    vibrant and animated to maintain interest and highlight important points.

      30% of the population respond most effectively to audio stimulus. Our videos are personally narrated by the training officer to ensure clarity of the presentation and accommodate this learning style. Many of the online packages available are simply pop up text. We go the extra mile to reach our audio learners.

      The remaining 5% are known as experiential learners (ie. learning by doing). We strive to incorporate examples of any technical topics in modules through the use of spreadsheet problems that are worked through within the presentation.


We conclude each module with a short, structured, online exam. Usually we deliver this exam in multiple choice format to cater to the majority of our learner types. By doing this, we ensure that participants make a sincere effort to absorb the material. The exam gives your organisation and each representative a gauge of the depth of understanding of topics and it also gives us some feedback on the effectiveness of our modules.